Vintage Bible Prints - more information

Here are some more photos of the Vintage Bible Prints that will soon be available on Amazon. (Available with Prime Shipping!) Here is a link to one of the products that is currently unavailable but should be live soon - Vintage Camera

A lot of the prints are nautical themed but more designs will be added in the future.  The prints sold on Amazon will be unframed but will fit in a 9" x 12" frame.  I get the frames shown in the photos at Michael's Arts and Crafts store.  The frames retail for $26.99 but they have coupons available every week and you can buy them for 40% - 50% off.  

 Contact me for more info.

Amazon Handmade

Great news!  I was accepted into Amazon Handmade.  I applied over 2 weeks ago and just found out yesterday that they accepted me.  I am in the process of setting up the Amazon Handmade store which could take a week.  I'll let you know when my vintage prints are available for sale.  I am planning on sending the prints to Amazon so that they will be available for Prime shipping.